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An Affordable Invoice Factoring Company
Invoice Factoring Services for U.S. and International Companies
All industries, including Medical and Construction

Advance Rates up to 97%
Same Day Funding
One of a Kind Custom Tailored Invoice Factoring Programs

Over 60 years of experience. We fund with our own money, not investor money.
This allows us to be more flexible.
We provide invoice factoring for companies in all industries including
medical, transportation and trucking,manufacturing, service,
construction,and more.
Our  invoice factoring programs allow you to meet your payroll
and quickly add new customers.
We take away your cash flow headaches; you get your cash now
and we will wait for your customers to pay.
We can fund start-up companies also.

What is Invoice Factoring

Cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail. At one time or another,
every business, even successful ones, have experienced poor cash flow. Cash flow
does not have to be a problem any more. Do not be fooled -- banks are not the only places
you can get funding. Other solutions are available and you do not have to borrow

One solution is called invoice factoring. Factoring is the process of selling accounts receivable to an
investor rather than waiting to collect the money from the customer.
Oh, the Irony…
Factoring has an ironic distinction: It is the financial backbone of many of America's
most successful businesses. Why is this ironic? Because factoring is not taught in business colleges,
is seldom mentioned in business plans and is relatively unknown to the majority of
American business people. Yet it is a financial process that frees up billions
of dollars every year, enabling thousands of businesses to grow and prosper.
Factoring has been around for thousands of years. Factors are investors who pay cash for
the right to receive the future payments on your invoices.
An unpaid receivable or invoice has value. It is a debt your customer has agreed to pay in the near future
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Is Invoice Factoring For You
The key to knowing if factoring is for you is to not to look only at the bottom-line factoring fee,
but also to consider how your company may increase it's profits through factoring.
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How Our Invoice Factoring Programs Can Benefit You
We offer factoring programs that others cannot because we use our own money.
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