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Structured Settlements

The outcome of a lawsuit can sometimes result in a settlement placed
in the form of an annuity and paid out over a certain period of time.
This is called a structured settlement. Although the settlement
may sound fair at the time of the judgment, financial circumstances
change due to family emergency, medical expenses, educational
cost for your children, an estate settlement or maybe even a divorce.
You need instant access to funds.

We have created a fund to do just that,
offering cash settlements to annuitants for
their remaining payments.

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making the payment, and dates
and amounts of future payments

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Understanding the Time Value of Money

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to receive money from
the sale of structured settlement payments?

Anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks, depending on your insurance
  We will get the process started right away
by overnighting you an application and offer letter.
After receipt of the completed application and the
required documents, we will overnight a contract directly to you.
When the contract is returned, we will immediately begin the process associated with changing the payment address.  Once we
verify the address change and all the required documents are completed, you will receive your money within 7 to 10 working days.

How much will I receive? 

We will provide you a quote based on the information
you provide us.
  The discount rate applied to your future
payments will be based on the type of payment stream you have,
the insurance company making the payments, the state
in which you reside, state law governing the settlement
agreement, and the term of your payments.
The discount rate will determine the price. 

Is this transaction legal (my insurance company says that it is not)? 

Yes, selling the right to receive your structured settlement payments is legal.  Although your settlement agreement may include anti-assignment or anti-acceleration language, this language has been tested many times in court, and the right to assign payments is routinely upheld.  Some states have passed laws that regulate the method for selling payments, and you may be required to obtain a court order, but the actual sale is legal. 

Will I be turned down if I have had credit problems in the past or have declared bankruptcy?

No.  We understand that you might have experienced some credit problems in the past or even recently.  Although we do run credit reports on all applicants, we are not as concerned with your credit as most financial institutions.  We will look to see if there are judgments or liens filed against you that could affect our receipt of your settlement payments, and help you to pay these off out of the proceeds of our transaction.  We will need to see all documents pertaining to a bankruptcy, but we will work with you to clear up obstacles to closing a contract with us.

Will I need to hire an attorney?  

We do not require that you hire an attorney, however, we recommend that you consider asking an attorney to review the contractual documents.  If you do not have an attorney or you can't find one, we can recommend someone to assist you.

Do you buy all of my payments or only a portion? 

We will help you meet your financial goal in whatever way best suits you.  You do not have to sell all of your payments if you do not feel comfortable doing so. If that means that we purchase only some of your payments or a portion of individual payments, we will do what is best for you.

If you accept our quote then we require the following documemts to get the process started?

Completed copy of application;

The Annuity Policy;

The Extended Release/Settlement Agreement;

A copy of your most recent Annuity Check or Check Stub
(If direct deposit, attach copy of bank statement showing deposit);

A copy of front page of most recent tax return;

Copies of two forms of identification (one must be clear photo I.D.);

A copy of Marriage License (if applicable);

A copy of Divorce Decree(s)/and property settlement(s) (if applicable);

A copy of Will and Probate Papers if you are receiving payments as the result of a probated estate;

A copy of the Court Judgment (if applicable);

Copies of Assignments, Revisions, or other important papers related to the Annuity or Settlement Agreement, and Bankruptcy discharge papers, if applicable.

Can you Cash-Out Your Settlement?

Contact us now
for a Free Analysis and Quote

Please provide your name, state you live in,
name and location of company making the payment,and dates
and amounts of future payments

Or Complete our On-line

Settlement Cash-Out Quote Form

Call Fred Coutts
at 206-281-3153 or 1-888-942-6639
Fax # 206-378-1070
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